Introducing the Wild-Animal Suffering Research Project

We’re very excited to announce that the Wild-Animal Suffering Research project has just launched its new website. We are a small team of researchers dedicated to exploring ways to reduce the suffering experienced by nonhuman animals in nature. We do this by conducting multidisciplinary research across ecology, welfare biology, philosophy and economics.

To learn more about why we focus on wild-animal suffering, take a look at our Mission.


The Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) began the Wild-Animal Suffering (WAS) Research project in early 2016. For over a year it was managed by Sentience Politics. In June 2017, following a comprehensive strategic review, Sentience Politics was divided into two independent organizations. These newly independent organizations focus on political campaigning in Switzerland and effective animal advocacy research. Given these changes it became likely that there would be no funding to continue wild-animal suffering research. Shortly after these decisions came into effect, EAF won a $30,000 grant from Effective Altruism Funds – Animal Welfare to continue wild-animal suffering research and this funding has allowed us to establish this project in its current form.


We are currently in the process of developing a research agenda which will highlight the fields of study and research questions we believe to be most promising. Promising research, in our view, is that which meets our goals. Our goals are twofold:

  1. To better understand wild-animal suffering; and
  2. To identify viable policies to reduce this suffering.

We want our research to lead to a real and positive impact on the lives of wild animals. However, these are difficult goals involving extremely complex issues. We endeavour to conduct our research rigorously and consider values and intuitions from a variety of perspectives. We seek external review on all of our research from our team of advisors and, where possible, we reach out to experts for their opinions. Lastly, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with effective altruists, effective animal advocates, academics and others interested in this highly neglected cause.

To learn more, read our Research.


We strive for full transparency of both our activities and finances. To this end, we plan to release annual transparency reports and financial statements.


This project is still in very early stages and your feedback on our work is vitally important.  We’re committed to learning from our mistakes and updating towards more effective research plans. If you’d like to give anonymous feedback, follow the link on our Feedback page. Otherwise, feel free to send us an email with your thoughts:

We look forward to sharing our work and helping wild animals with your support.